First of all, it is best to arrive at the airport by international flight more than three hours in advance. You need to have your passport ready. If you book a ticket online, it is best to keep a reservation voucher on your mobile phone.

When you arrive at the airport, you must first go to your airline to check in and check in the luggage. It should be noted that international flights have more strict regulations for checked baggage, especially if you buy cheap airlines such as Asian Airlines or Spring Airlines, their requirements for baggage consignment are more stringent. Asian Airlines ticket prices do not include free checked baggage. You’d better buy baggage tickets in advance, otherwise you will be charged a high baggage charge at the check-in site. Even carry-on luggage has strict restrictions and is likely to be weighed. Each person is allowed to carry only two pieces of hand luggage with a total weight of not more than 7 kilograms on board the plane, with strict size restrictions, as shown below:

Even if it is not the Asia and the Spring Airlines, there are more strict regulations for the airlines of the international flight. In general, the number of passengers in economy class can be checked for not more than 30 kg (the specific airline is different, the size of the luggage case also has a more stringent requirement, such as a free luggage with an appearance size of no more than 100 * 60 * 40 cm for a single piece of luggage, for example, It’s just that there’s no strict limit on weight. The size is basically a 20-inch check-in, and you’d better weigh the hand-held luggage you’d expect to check or take with you before you go to the airport. This makes it possible to make sure you’re not in an awkward situation where you’re going to need to make up for overweight. In the case of more travelers together, the weight of the free luggage can be calculated.

The baggage check has a very important restiction. All the lithium batteries or the electric products with the lithium battery cannot be checked, including the notebook computer, the digital camera, the charge treasure, etc., and must be carried with them. while a liquid in excess of 100 ml of capacity is not allowed to be carried, it must be checked, even with a liquid container with a nominal capacity of less than 100 ml with a total quantity of not more than 10, Other flammable or dangerous goods, such as foaming agents, are prohibited. Be sure to check for clarity while arranging the luggage in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Most airlines now do not support on-line seats for international flights of domestic airlines, with the exception of foreign airlines, such as air and air, and more specific, more comfortable locations such as the front and emergency exits are likely to require extra money. Although this is the case, it is recommended that you go to the airport earlier, as it is still possible to choose the position of the ride that is suitable for you, for example, if you want to select the position of the window or the position of the seat in front of the seat, the position of the difference is of course sitting in the middle. It’s really painful to be squeezed in the middle of a strange traveler for a long time. If you all want to sit together, you’ll have to go early in order to choose an adjacent seat, or you may be dispersed in an available location, and the sooner you get to the airport, the less you can choose from.

After going through the check-in formalities, the next step is to go through the security check-in and exit formalities. Check here to see if you need a visa to Thailand:

Security check. You need to pass the carry-on baggage items through the X-ray machine to detect, the person is also to go through the inspector to carry on the body search, after the determination that there is no shoelace contraband, can pass through the security check area. This process takes two to ten minutes per person, depending on whether you’re carrying some sensitive items, and if you meet the peak of the port, you need to consider the front of many of the queuing passengers. When conducting security check, you need to take your electronic products, toiletries, and so on for inspection, and the best way is to store the related items separately and separately, so that the omission can be avoided, and it is also convenient for centralized storage after the security check. Keep in mind that once it is found that any of your hand-held baggage contains a suspected item, this piece of luggage must be re-checked.
After all the above procedures have been passed, you can arrive at the international terminal, and if the time is early, you can choose to visit the duty-free shop. Please pay attention to the boarding time on the airport radio and boarding pass, which is usually 45 minutes to half an hour before departure time. Please do not arrive at the gate too late. International flights close the gate about 15 minutes before departure. If you are late, you may not be able to catch the plane.
You’d better carry a pen with you, and then you can fill out your entry card and departure card by comparing the relevant information and template. Of course, there are some information, such as the hotel address, return flight number and date you live in Thailand, so you need to prepare the relevant information in advance so that you can fill it out accurately. I don’t know which airport you fly to Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) or Don Mueang International Airport(DMK). Of course, it depends on the airline you’re on. Except for cheap airline accidents such as AirAsia, most airlines stop at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok’s new airport.

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